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Nat & Moni's Wedding Project

An image of Nat & Moni composed of images of Nathanael and Monica's friends and family.


I had just completed Keren & Danni's Wedding Mosaic and so was free to start thinking and planning for Nat & Moni's piece. Both pieces had the same initial inspiration, though the presentation differed:

  • To create an image of Nathanael & Monica that was made up of images of their friends and family.
  • Create a community performance where all the guests at the reception placed transparent colour separated tiles onto a lightbox, in random order, to progressively create the final Mosaic image.



The PhotoMosaic is the final tile in the video. It is viewable as an interactive mosaic where the tiles that make up the mosaic are viewable as full sized photos by clicking on the image.

The Video

The video is a timelapse of the event, which shows how the piece was put together.