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Who am I?

A Poem for Sandi, written from her perspective using images of her creation and our adventures.

The Inspiration

The actual genesis of this piece is already lost in the mists of time, but I do remember that I was wanting a new and novel way for my love and understanding to burst out of the daily hum-drum.

The Poem

The poem started as a backwards compliment, but developed and morphed (as only these things can) into a complex re-interpretation of Sandi's birthday present for me.

The Images

I've reused images of Sandi's wonderful Flying Man and mixed them with images from our many adventures.

The Construction

GIMP was used to produce the print graphics, which needed to be cut up, physically (holding your breath) for the intricate layout before binding.

The eBook

Initially just a format so that people could see what I was up to, It works OK as an eBook, but it's not as nifty as the reading...

The Reading

I had wanted to produce an animation from the page images, but it's amazing how ideas that formulate whilst going to sleep don't turn out so well... I decided to do a video of the reading instead.