The Bibbulmun Track

General Information
The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world's, and definitely one of Australia's, great long distance walk trails, stretching nearly 1000kms from Kalamunda (Perth Hills) to Albany (South Coast) through the heart of the scenic South West of Western Australia. The track opened in 1979 and consists of 50 sections that are approximately one days walk, with a purpose built camping area (shelter, water tank, pit toilet and tent sites) at the end of each day.

bushwalking.jpg, 1.0kBBibbulmun Track: 1021km over 54 days
It's taken 10 weeks after finishing the Bibbulmun Track to start to feel normal and productive enough to get some of our photos and reflections in order. The sheer enormity of the undertaking and effect of the experience has taken me by surprise: but we've managed to navigate those dangerous waters without doing anything totally crazy, and are now getting some of the product of the walk published. The numbers still boggle my brain:

1 journey
2 people
12 camp grounds
35 kg of food eaten
53 over-nights
143 SPOT2 Messages
316 hours of walking
1,021 kilometres of track
5,223 total $cost
9,106 photographs taken
44,416 words written
49,036 metres skipped down
49,407 metres trudged up
90,919 GPS points recorded
1,215,573 footsteps

Our GPS tracks can be downloaded at right as either Day Tracks (53 covering the complete 2 month trek) or Section Tracks (the Foundation's 58 sections as detailed in their Guide and Maps). Alternatively, the complete track comprising the 53 Days, or the Northern Sections and Southern Sections.

Note: these tracks should not be loaded directly into a GPS unit as they are very raw and should be simplified. I'd recommend saving individual Points of Interest out and using those, rather than a whole track.

Over the 54 days of our trek, we took a portrait photo each morning before setting off on the day's walk and then each afternoon when we'd reached camp – often capturing the morning's optimism and then the afternoon's pain of the journey on our faces.

Thanks to Tetra for making Walking available : Walking 5 fitted very well with this project.

Over the period of the walk we compiled quite a lot of data that I've been using for my equipment reviews, which have produced some interesting graphics:

Blog Posts
Our blog posts are grouped into the 8 weeks of the walk and illustrated with the Panoramas we took from each day. The actual blog posts are stuffed full with photos, and the galleries are available in the right panel.

Week One: Kalamunda to Mt Cooke

Week Two: Mt Cooke to Murray River

Week Three: Murray River to Yabberup

Week Four: Yabberup to Tom Road

Week Five: Tom Road to Northcliffe

Week Six: Northcliffe to Rest Point

Week Seven: Rest Point to William Bay

Week Eight: William Bay to Albany

Post Walk: Albany back to Real Life



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