Photographs from our hiking adventures
Shoes on again at Doubtful Creek
Thredbo Alpine Hotel
Mountain streams
And we're just about finished
Sandi's last snow shoe, just below Kosciuszko
Climb up to Rawson Pass
Wilkinsons Creek sunrise
Wilkinsons Creek sunset
Wilkinsons Creek camp site
Wilkinsons Creek
Albina Lake
Snow shoeing up Mount Twynam
Clean at last
Breakfast on Day Thirteen under Mann Bluff
Minus 4 degrees over night: Frozen Boots
View North from Dicky Cooper Bogong
Melting snow for dinner
Under the fly
Mann Bluff
Approaching Mann Bluff
Climbing Mount Tate
Consett-Stephen Pass camp site
Snow shoeing
Consett-Stephen Pass
Snow shoeing Dick Cooper Bogong
Climbing Dicky Cooper Bogong
Approaching Shlinks Hut
Valentine Creek from Valentine Hut
Valentine Creek
First snow walk
Back Flat Creek
Okeefes Hut
Approaching Okeefes Hut
Doubtful Creek
Walking to Jagungal
McKeahnies Creek camp site
4 Mile Hut
Sorting the Kiandra food drop
Eucumbene River, Kiandra
Chance Creek, Wild Horse Plain
Anton-Anderson Saddle
Relaxing in Witzes Hut
Witzes Hut
Crossing Tantangara Creek
Crossing the Murrumbidgee River
Sunset Millers Hut
Millers Hut
Cooleman Plain
Dinner preparations at oldfields hut
Oldfields Hut
Bimberi Peak. 1913m.
Snow Gums on Bimberi Peak
Walking up to Murray Gap
Tharwa to Thredbo
Tharwa to Thredbo
Tharwa to Thredbo
Campsite at Little Bimberi
Tharwa to Thredbo
Tharwa to Thredbo
Orroral Valley Kangaroos
Campsite on Orroral River
Climbing out of Tharwa
Tharwa to Thredbo
Aarn Water Wizards to the rescue
Tharwa to Thredbo
Witzes Hut campsite
Start of the walk
Food Drop at Kiandra
Snowy Mountains Fog