• It Started as a Dream

    When it started has faded a little, but I think it was pretty soon after finishing our 2015 South to North in Spring of the AAWT: I thought we could walk it so much better. So it's been bubbling away inside for a while, and with no particular urgency… but there were lots to sort out and improve:

    • Rework my Itinerary Spreadsheet to allow Sandi to come and go
    • Work out the actual route
    • Rework the gear to make everything lighter
    • Rework the menu to accommodate my Keto Diet

    Significant progress has been made, and what follows here are a series of blog posts filling in the details of the Preparations

    I have a dream...

    Federation Track MarkerThe Federation Track is designed as a walking route rather than a marked, built track and it follows existing bushwalking tracks as well as fire trails, beaches, disused railways, footpaths and the occasional road verge. I didn't see that as a reason not to do a track marker... so I did. A hike from Lawson in the Blue Mountains, using Bruce's Walk, Charles Darwin Track, National Pass, Dardanelles Pass, Federal Pass, Katoomba to Kanagra Walls, Uni Rover Trail, Federation Track, Australian Alps Walking Track, Razorback Track and Moonee Ponds Creek Trail.

  • Proposed Route

    The umming and ahhing over the way I'll go