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We purchased our house in 2006... and immediately started taking photos each month of the front of the house. You can see one covering the 4.75 years of the mortgage below on this page, and an earlier one coving 3.5 years on YouTube.

We never thought we'd end up house owners, but ended up buying a house quite late in our married life. To be honest, we'd not been able to even contemplate it previously as Sandi hadn't worked since the birth of our first son and my efforts at being self employed never propelled me into the richest Australian list. But with getting a [well paid] job close to home (which meant we could reduce our car numbers to just one, saving us over $5,000 per annum) and Sandi taking up her nursing again it meant that we could just squeek it in.

Well that's what we'd calcultated using our budget back in early 2006. At that time too we were sure that we would have to renovate the house just to live in it (it was dark, oddly shaped and ugly). We even got to the point of putting a Development Approval into Council before we realised that we were actually living in the house and quite happy: In fact there was no reason that we couldn't live in the house like we were renting it (we'd had lots of practice over the years)! Added to the fact that we just would not have gotten the house we wanted (through renovating) and that it would just keep us in debt for longer - we decided to pay the loan off first then decide what to do!!

So, here we are at the end of the first stage: The Mortgage Years - From Bank's to Our's in 4 Years & 9 Months

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