General Information
Newnes is located in the Wollemi National Park. We've done a lot of camping at Newnes over the years and always enjoyed the Ruins Walk and the Glow Worm Tunnel, but there are lots of other walks in the area to tempt you out of the camping area.

bushwalking.jpg, 1.0kBNewnes to Glen Davis and Return: 20km over 2 days
We've always wanted to do this walk with the provision of free camping and hot showers at Glen Davis a great draw card!

There was considerable differences in the times quoted for the walk, and in the end we got quite a surprise that we knocked it over so quickly.


Day 1: 10.0km - Ascend 771; Decend 986
Newnes to Glen Davis Day 1 Map Newnes to Glen Davis Day 1 Elevation



Day 2: 9.7km - Ascend 758; Descend 559
Newnes to Glen Davis Day 2 Map Newnes to Glen Davis Day 2 Elevation


bushwalking.jpg, 1.0kB Industrial Ruins Walk: 7.1km

7.1km - Ascend 215; Descend 210
Industrial Ruins Walk Map Industrial Ruins Walk Elevation


Newnes <> Glen Davis

2010 Track Diary:

  • More to come