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Comment from: Meredith Schwilk Visitor

Meredith Schwilk

Feeling for you with the border closure especially after so much planning. Hope that Sandi’s leave vs Sandi, falls into place (with Sandi n you just where you ought to be) ,,,, ^^

The software resources you have shared- amazing what is available- thank you for sharing

I didn’t realise just how many days you will be walking… wow… no wonder so much planning.

M xo

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Comment from: Member

This recipe worked out very well, in terms of a bar that stuck together well.

As for flavour, it really needs some stevia and vanilla essence, which I’ll do next time.

Some shredded coconut would also make a nice alternative.

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These were nice, but next time I’ll increase the amount of nuts and maybe add some stevia. The original recipe had “one bag of Trail Mix", but I couldn’t find a photo detailing how much a bag was and the product was discontinued… so it was a guess

I’m not sure these will work ‘out of the fridge’ for months, but they have not gone too bad in the biscuit tin.

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What a lovely job you’ve done of this Perry.

And this is only the beginning! I think it’s keeping me sane (and probably driving Sandi insane :) )

This is what’s totally exciting though: (a countdown timer before the walk, and weather during the walk). Mind you, the seconds are going way too slowly for my liking…

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There is a problem with the National Pass: it’s been closed indefinitely between Valley of Waters and Slacks Stairs [NPWS Alert] – so I’ll have to re-route via Wentworth Pass… not that it will make that much difference.

Other news: we’re walking Lindeman’s Pass this weekend to get a feel / timing for that section.