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In response to: Day Thirteen plus One: The Trip Home

Comment from: Richard Mason [Visitor]

Richard Mason

What a wonderfully heart felt and passionate conclusion you have written.

You owe it to yourselves (and your followers) to continue to walk and to share your experiences.

Thank you so much.

07/11/16 @ 17:43

In response to: We are back... we're just busy planning our next walk

Comment from: scribbly [Member]


Hey Bill:

The Packa (or Water Wizard as Aarn likes to call them, we called them Aarnorak) is the best thing since sliced bread! We were very lucky to be able to test them over our Alpine Walk late last year in everything from rain -> storm -> hail -> snow.

Get in contact with Aarn to see where he’s up to with his development.

29/06/16 @ 10:52

In response to: We are back... we're just busy planning our next walk

Comment from: Bill Shaw [Visitor]

Bill Shaw

I’m interested in your views on the Packa by Aarn. I’m walking the Bibbulmun for the second time later this year and I’ve a new Aarn pack.
I realise that Aarn are still developing this Packa and am yet to contact them.
Bill Shaw

09/06/16 @ 17:21

In response to: Australian Alps Walking Track :: Itinerary 2015

Comment from: Sister Humilita [Visitor]

Sister Humilita
5 stars

Hi Sandi and Perry, - as usual I am totally envious! But I have done some amazing walks over here in Europe. Not as long or continuous ones as yours, but still pretty nice day-outings in Switzerland, Scandinavia and Germany. I’ll be following your trip. Lots of love from Sister Humilita

09/11/15 @ 17:48

In response to: The Best Scroggin (Trail Mix) in the World

Comment from: Nathanael [Visitor]

5 stars

Very interesting.

I would be interested to see the rating broken down a little (probably too late now)

1. Perceived energy level
2. Actual energy level (as measured by walking pace/track difficulty)
3. Flavour
4. Half life (how long it took until you started feeling hungry again)


10/02/15 @ 17:01

In response to: SteriPen :: The Tale of Two Walks

Comment from: scribbly [Member]


SteriPen update:

I am so blown away by SteiPen’s efficiency in Customer Service: We had a wee glitch when their office was closed because of a blizzard (but Julie Lord let me know there was a problem), and when they were back in I had a very helpful phone conversation with them where they identified the issues with my SteriPen Classic.

They sent me back to the store where I originally purchased it… but everywhere I went (either the shop or the importer or previous importer), SteriPen had been there first: smoothing the way and expediting the replacement.

Long story short: new pen is on it’s way and my already glowing opinion of their customer service has improved 200%

01/02/15 @ 22:45

In response to: SteriPen :: The Tale of Two Walks

Comment from: scribbly [Member]


Thanks Julie: emailed this morning.

My previous encounter with SteriPen’s Support was an eye-opener for how customer service should be done – looking forward to getting it all cleared up quickly!

Mind you: it’s an important lesson that you need to build in several levels of redundancy when heading out into the wilds…

27/01/15 @ 22:46

In response to: SteriPen :: The Tale of Two Walks

Comment from: Julie Lord [Visitor]

Julie Lord

So sorry to hear about the trouble you had with your SteriPEN. Have you contacted SteriPEN Technical Support? We have a team that is very helpful in troubleshooting and diagnosing any problems when they occur. Please contact them by phone or email - we want you to have a working SteriPEN! Phone: 1-888-826-6234 (US Only) or +1 (207) 374-4506.

Julie Lord
Marketing Director

27/01/15 @ 01:18

In response to: Preliminary Sketch

Comment from: scribbly [Member]


Yes: the internals are impressive too – very light and airy.

‘off the ground’ may be a bit of an overstatement atm… it’s still getting onto paper :)

01/12/14 @ 00:28

In response to: Preliminary Sketch

Comment from: Keren [Visitor]


Very excited to see this project get off the ground. I Think they look pretty modern and classy and after seeing Glenn and Trish’s renovation this weekend it would seem accessible housing definitely does not equate with unattractive!

30/11/14 @ 22:02

In response to: Rescue on the Valley of the Waters

Comment from: John Penlington [Visitor]

John Penlington

Thanks for putting on the record your experiences on that memorable day. I’ve added a link to your blog on my website’s home page:

I’d like to get in touch to include your experience in a book I’m putting together about Wentworth Falls.

Drop me an email and I’ll explain.

Best regards


15/09/14 @ 13:07

In response to: I Know Sandi

Comment from: scribbly [Member]


After a difficult day (most not in front of the computer), the project is finally finished!

All I need to do now, well, later today (after a sleep), is to burn it to a DVD (and maybe YouTube)… and I’ll be able to perform it for Sandi at dinner tonight :)

Oh… and its title is: A Soul to Walk With

19/07/14 @ 05:34