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Most of my photos are hosted up on Google, which gives some nice access to slideshows.
The description of some of the fun we've had with our major birthday parties.
PNG Letters
The letters from our two years in Papua New Guinea.
Information about Voice Over IP, which gives us a lot of telephony freedom.
Details of some of our Bushwalking expeditions.

Mitupela is pidgin for 'we' or the 'two of us' (we're not exactly empty nesters just yet, but not a long way off). Why pidgin? I guess the two years we spent in Papua New Guinea as a family made a large impact on us, we still often lapse into tok pisin at times. If you'd like to browse through our experience you can here; when we came back to Australia I put our letters and photos together into an HTML driven CD, this CD I've uploaded to this site.

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The changing face of our house:

We purchased our house in April of 2006, when the front of the house was hidden behind a tall, thick hedge. That was the first thing to go (it totally changed the light in the front rooms!), and then we started working on the gardening.